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Crave You (Hush Hush Bootleg Remix) - Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities’ ‘Crave You’ is one of the iconic tunes from the Australian electronic scene at the turn of the 2010s.

With its simple key chord base and Giselle’s soaring vocals, it’s soundtracked a decade’s worth of sunset sessions and summer festival slots. With over 170 million Spotify streams for the original and its remixes, the Flight Facilities boys have pulled out a special treat to celebrate ten years of ‘Crave You’: a remix by North Carolina’s Hush Hush. The Hush Hush Bootleg mix of ‘Crave You’ taps into the lo-fi house vibe that continues to find new fans through YouTube and Reddit, adding a persistent hi-hat and paring back the vocals to the bare minimum.

The Hush Hush Bootleg originally began its life on YouTube in 2017 as ‘Why Can’t U’, where the comments are littered with fans brought to the remix by Replika, an AI conversation bot. This sums up just some of the ways the Internet has shaped the music industry since the original ‘Crave You’ was released. In 2020, a remix featuring an uncleared sample uploaded to a crowd-sharing video platform by a bedroom DJ can be recommended to you by a computer, and if the band hears about it they might officially release it instead of issuing a takedown notice. In this case, Flight Facilities were reminded of the scene they began DJing in. The mix perfectly encapsulates that DIY style that defined that era. Hush Hush opts to highlight the best parts of ‘Crave You’, such as the chord progression, but keeping it minimal rather than adding too much as remixes are often prone to do. All in all, the Hush Hush Bootleg is a nostalgic rehash of a classic tune that will have you bopping along until summer finally hits.

This review first appeared on FutureMag Music. The full review can be found here.

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