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Crooked Colours

Australian electronic trio Crooked Colours are at the top of their game right now. Their debut album ‘Vera’ was released earlier to this year to resoundingly positive reviews, and they’re currently embarking on an Australian tour with sold-out dates around the country. I caught up with drummer Liam Merrett-Park for a quick conversation.

‘Vera’ came out a couple of months ago and the reception has been pretty positive. Is there a favourite thing that you’ve heard someone say about the album?

Actually one of my favourite things is probably when we got a bad review. It’s kind of like one of our first bad reviews. It was cool that we were on the radar for someone to fully go ahead and write a piece about how they thought that it was super average…we’d never had that before. It wasn’t the nicest thing that they were saying, but just that they thought it was big enough to write something bad about it was different.

You guys took a fair amount of time off to write ‘Vera’. How did this break affect the final product?

The fact that it took so long meant that we had quite a broad spectrum of work that we’d done. At the start, maybe two years ago, we had a few songs, and then by the end of it, they weren’t relevant to what we ended up making. We just kind of had to cull a bit of fat to make a nice aesthetic to the album.

Remixes have always formed a massive part of your releases. What’s your favourite remix that someone has made of your stuff and are we likely to see more remixes for ‘Vera’?

Yeah, there’s some remixes in the works already at the moment. My favourite remix would have to be Chiefs’ remix of ‘In Your Bones’ from our first EP. I think it’s our second most played song on Spotify. It’s just a banger.

As part of the ‘Vera’ tour you have a lot of festivals booked, including Yours and Owls and Spilt Milk. Which festival is your favourite to play and why?

The best festival that we played would have to be the Hot Dub Wine Machine festival that was around this year. They were incredible. Just the one stage, and massive amounts of people coming to each show. That was insane. So that was definitely a highlight of (almost) our career.

What is the plan after the tour finishes? Are we going to have to wait a long time for music again?

We’ve already started pretty much on the second album. Our heads are definitely into the shows at the moment but for the second album we just don’t want to wait that long again. It wasn’t good for us either, so hopefully it’s not too long away.

This interview first appeared on Blitz UNSW.

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