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Guarantee - Sidney Rose

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Sidney Rose has returned with her sophomore single, ‘Guarantee’, a brooding pop track that allows Rose to flourish. Produced with Ben Oldland, ‘Guarantee’ covers the trials and tribulations of life, focusing on how despite our optimism, nothing is guaranteed.

On first listen it’s clear there is a lot of urgency to the track. It’s a departure from the brighter sounds we heard in Rose’s debut single, ‘Bullet’, into a more mature depth. The production by Oldland really shines through throughout the song – while Rose has shown she has amazing vocal prowess in her previous release, it’s the addition of a professional team that gives this track an extra boost. The track opens with a washed-out grunge sound reminiscent of the late 90s, focusing on a circling guitar riff and Rose’s vocals. There’s a pause after the verse which has you anticipating the chorus, wanting to see where Rose will take you. The anticipation is worth it – the addition of a sharp drum beat and more guitars brings things to a climax in the chorus, before dropping back down at the next verse. This style of instrumentation is a perfect accompaniment for Rose’s voice, which was described by Tommy Faith on Triple J Unearthed as ‘rich velvet’.

The pared-back bridge around the 2.20 mark before the final chorus allows Rose to come closer to the listener, before hitting them one last time with the emotion and determination that makes ‘Guarantee’ such an interesting listen. With just her second single being this strong, it’s obvious that Rose is going to be one to keep an eye on over the next few years.

This review first appeared on Temporary Dreamer. The full review can be found here.

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