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Kill That Beat - Kult Kyss

Melbourne duo Kult Kyss have released their third track of 2020, ‘Kill That Beat’, a bouncing dance track with a sense of urgency behind it. Self-described as “merging future pop with ritual noise”, Kult Kyss have created a track that envelops you in their world of layered beats and dance floor noise.

‘Kill That Beat’ opens with an oscillating synth line amid whispers of vocalist Rromarin’s repeated “kill that beat you’re hunting” that will resurface throughout the track. The key to this track is its persistent percussion and its driving bassline which lies beneath Rromarin’s airy, layered vocals. Some restrained horns and swelling synths fill out the production of the track, creating a deep soundscape that keeps you returning to focus on each part. While ‘Kill That Beat’ has you moving, there’s also an ominous feel to the track - you’re moving because you don’t want to find out what happens when you stop.

Kult Kyss have set themselves up for the year to come with ‘Kill That Beat’. It further carves their niche in the Australian electronic landscape for dark future pop that no one else has been able to fill yet. Having signed to Seismic Talent Agency earlier this year and with an EP on the way, 2021 is definitely shaping up to be their year.

This review first appeared on FutureMag Music. The full review can be found here.

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