Mura Masa Moves Us With ‘Move Me’

British wunderkind Mura Masa has triumphantly returned with ‘Move Me’, a club-ready track featuring London rapper Octavian. After a pretty successful 2017, Masa dropped off the map a bit after gracing our shores for Field Day in early January. Unfortunately, that set was cut short due to technical difficulties at the festival, but he recently confirmed on Twitter that he’ll be back early next year. If ‘Move Me’ is anything to go by, any future Australian shows should be full of huge new bangers.

‘Move Me’ starts off strong, with a beat that pumps away throughout the entire track. Octavian’s first lines aren’t genius: “From the South East yeah rains a lot/from the South East year really rains a lot.” As he gets going the lyrics get better, and it kind of works. He’s never the strongest point of the track, but obviously you didn’t really come for him anyway. It’s a Mura Masa track, and it’s Mura Masa that shines through. His production is very smooth and showcases why he’s one of the most sought-after talents in his field. The mellowed-out keyboard hook in combination with the omnipresent drums and bass creates a very Drake-esque sound that’s super popular at the moment. The song weaves around and pauses in all the right places for a decent build up, making it definitively club-friendly. While it might not be Mura Masa’s best to date, it’s a pretty good return and one that should see him earn a few more fans.


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